Sunday, August 22, 2010

Vampires Suck (2010)

Move over Edward Cullen and Bella Swann, a new band of vampires are coming in the way to suck your blood. "Vampires Suck" is a spoof of a box office movie Twilight Series specifically, The Twilight Saga: New Moon. When Becca Crane's mother started an affair with Tiger Woods, she immediately moved to Sporks and live with her estranged father. She faces new adventures including her unexpected encounter with an unusual group of students particularly the "foundation beauty," Edward Sullen.

After saving her from the van incident, Becca finds herself falling in love with him. She is at first suspicious of him believing that he is one of the Jonas Brothers but Edward Sullen, though a bit hesitant reveals to her the truth that he was a vampire and that he only sucks animals' blood for food. The two eventually fall in love finally making Edward to introduce Becca to his vampire family. The meeting was a disaster after Becca cut her finger and ignited the thirst on Edward's family. Soon after Edward breaks up with Becca fearing the danger he and his family might cause to her.

Torn and broken, Becca turns to Jacob White for comfort and later discovers that he was a werewolf and part of the werewolves' pack protecting their place from three punky vampires. 

Miscommunication happened soon after making Edward believe that Becca killed herself. He searches and goes to Zolturi to kill himself but was refused. He goes outside and shows his glittering body to the crowd. Becca arrives just in time where two opposing fans of Jacob White and Edwards Sullen are fighting.

The scene angers Daro, the Zolturi leader. Edward fights with Daro and later forces him to turn Becca a vampire. Becca agrees after their marriage. The movie concludes with Edward fighting against the leader of Jacob White's fans club making her the first meal of the vampire-turned Becca Crane.

This movie is hilarious and fun, making it a surprise one day winner at the US Box Office. If you want to spend your time laughing out loud at the movie house, this one's best for you.

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  1. I must admit i'm not a big fan of the twilight saga, but this one's hilariously funny.. i like the way the story goes considering the director had to put all the hollywoods star like making edward one of the jonas brother and turning jacob into a chihuahua it's so cute...

  2. Im so excited to watch Vampire Sucks!!im sure this movie would have lots of fun!thanks for the blog, now i know there's such a comedy excitement in Twilight Saga.